1965 BUICK RIVIERA. 89K miles. All Original & beautiful!! ***NO RESERVE***

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Color:Bamboo Cream
Interior Color:Black
Engine:401 Nailhead
Number of Cylinders:8
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Thank you for viewing this auction. If you have already clicked to have a closer look at this car, you most probably know what it is so I will spare everyone the
history lesson. If you clicked to take a look and have no clue what role the 1965 buick riviera played in the US auto industry, please take the time to google it
as it was significant. I am going to do my very best to describe this beatiful car, so please take the time to read everything.
1965 was a one year only design. Though the first generation was made from 63 to 65, the last year was unique and very diserable. It was the only year for the
clam shell headlight covers and also the only year for the bumper integrated rear tail lights. The car I am offering for sale is the original bamboo cream with black
interior. It has it's original 401 nailhead engine as well as th400 transmission. Miles are just under 89K, and yes that is accurate. There is not a spec of rust on this
car and it wears a beautiful coat of paint. You will be hard pressed to find a single scratch, nick or chip on this car. There are none. There are no faded
areas, no cracking, no filler. Straight as an arrow and beautiful. Never hit..look at all the lines. Look at how the grill fits between the clam shells.
perfect lines. When these cars are not on the money, you can see it. Big gap on one side, small on the other. Its a big car with long lines. Beautiful when they
are right! This car has never been taken apart, and put back together. Original and unmolested!!! Those that know these cars well, also know that aftermarket
replacement parts are not easy to come by as this is not a camaro. Please keep reading as here is where this car stands out from the croud. I will include a
link to 160 pictures to show as much as I can and portray how nice everything is on this car. The clam shells and all the surrounding chrome is perfect. The
paint inside the clam shell ribs is perfect!! And no it is not black, it is gunmetal gray to match the wheels. This is correct for 1965. Yes most may be black,
but that is not how these cars were delivered in 1965. And yes, the clam shells work. The electric motor even has the protective cover on top that most cars are
missing! The chrome around the parking lights is perfect as are the lenses. The grill that stretches across the front of the car is perfect. No pitting of the
metal anywhere and perfect chrome. Even the paint in the grill is fresh and not faded. All the metal moldings on the car are perfect. No dings anywhere with a
perfect polish. The front upper bumper is nice from a few feet, but shows some fading in corners when up close. It is not pitted anywhere. Just shows some
scratches and fading in a few spots. Very hard to see in pictures as it isnt that bad. The lower bumper is very nice. Would be a very easy rechrome if desired as
the metal is perfect and needs no prep. I would leave it as is unless you are shooting for perfection. The rear bumper is perfect. Chrome is super nice.
Tail light bezels are perfect and so are the lenses. No fading, no pitting. Show quality. And when they light up, they look brand new. Bright, vivid and not like
every other old car you see on the road. The buick road wheels are original and are also very nice. There are a few light scratches
in the chrome but nothing you can see from a few feet away. The center caps are beautiful as is the paint on the wheels. Tires are almost new. Inside the car is
just as nice. And on these cars, the trim inside is pretty important as it is not cheap to restore. Trim inside this car is beautiful. All the metal and chrome on
the dash, doors and console is perfect. Then there is the wood. For those that do not know, yes that is real wood on the console, dash and doors. Please take the
time to look at all the photos I provide as they will do a much better job showing the wonderful condition of the wood than I ever could. Yes it is very nice.
The headliner is silver as it should be and very nice. No tears. The rear package tray is original and perfect. Door panels are perfect. Seats are perfect.
Gauges are clear, bright and not faded. All the lights work. Even the 'cold' light comes on when you first start the car and goes off when warmed up.
Clock is there but does not run. All windows are great. Every one opens and closes perfectly. The carpet looks to be original. Not bad, but does have
some light spots under the driver floor mat. Dash pad is perfect. Again, please see the photosAll the small details inside this car are very nice and super hard
to correct if needing attention. Wipers, lights and all directionals work as they should. Dash lights work as well as courtesy lights. Even the light in the glove
compartment works.
Under the hood it is as nice as they come. Please look at the photos. In addition to being pretty, it also does everything as it should. The carb is freshly rebuilt
and all the choke tubes are connected and working as designed. This is not a hackit will start cold or hot. Start it cold and it will cold idle until warm.
Then drop down and idle warm all day long if you want it to. It will not load up, it will not stumble. Runs smooth in or out of gear. Transmission works perfectly.
Switch pitch hardware as well as the kickdown is all there and working. Power steering pump is new and also works perfectly. There are no noises, no ticking,
no smoking of any kind. It runs perfectly. The front brake drums are the original aluminum and have been resurfaced. The rears have also been resurfaced.
Smooth with no vibrations. Pedal is a bit low after the drums were cut so needs adjustment at the wheels to bring the pads out a bit. The shocks are new.
Exhaust is new.
Everything on the car is as it was back in 1965 except the following few items
Distributor - Now HEI electronic. Original points distributor with coil & bracket will come with the car.
Steering wheel - Now wood for more comfort. Original steering wheel will come with the car.
Exhaust - Not factory style. Now has dual mufflers. Do not have the original :)
Will also come with 2 extra steel front brake drums.
Everything else is as it should be. Please study the pictures. Not many cars as nice as this. It may not be a loaded riviera, but the originality and condition
are superb. Wearing it's bamboo cream and standard black interior, it has a more sporty feel. The AC has been converted to R134 but not blowing cold at this time.
The compressor turns on and runs without any internal noises, but no cold air. The blower motor blows strong through the vents inside the car. Everything is there.
No AC components missing. I wont be one of those guys and say that it just needs a charge because I am not sure what it needs. What I know is that it has been
converted to R134 some years back and that the compressor runs without making noise. This is a FL car so the heat has been bypassed. Heater core is still in the car,
just not connected at this time. Being a FL car, this is a very common modification to keep heat away from the cabin.
The trunk is in perfect shape. Trunk light works. Even the buick key hole cover is excellent with bright colors. Every one I see is faded. Full size spare and
jack are all in there.
The car has no vibrations. Drive it at 70 mph if you like. Comfortable cruiser. Now most may not realize this, but the 401 nailhead is no slouch!! This thing moves
and will create one hell of a smoke show if you floor it at a light. And no it will not bog down. Throttle response is crisp from idle to wide open.
This car is dialed in. Some would ask.would you drive it cross country?? Sure it would make it cross country. Is that a guarantee? No, this is a 1965 riviera.
I wouldn't even give a guarantee on a 5 year old car. Anything is possible. What I can say is that aside from the AC & heat, everything on this car is as it should be
with no knows issues. I have driven the car long distances with no problems(few hours). I have spent many hours tuning it to perfection.
When it is warm, you can hardly feel it going into gear. RPM drop is very low!! One thing I can not correct is the heat soak from today's ethanol fuel.
Car will fire instantly when cold or cool. But if you turn it off and let it sit for 15 min, it will crank for a second or two before starting.
This has nothing to do with the condition of the car. Just how our new ethanol fuel behaves inside the AFB carburetor when it heats up.
Please take the time to look at all the pictures. This is a gorgeous 65 riv. Turn the key and drive anywhere you want. And be prepared for some thumbs up along the way.
I am going to run this car at NO RESERVE and hope that the car and it's condition will generate enough interest
and bring it to a fair market price. With that said, please realize that it costs money to list a car on ebay. So bid ONLY if you intend to buy.
Not if you are thinking about it!!! If you are unsure, dont bid.its easy to not bid. If you need approval from the wife.dont bid. If she says yes, and you are
surethen bid. Ive heard so many excuses over the years. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.only press that bid button, if you have all your ducks in a row.
If you have zero feedback, or negative feedback. Contact me or I will cancel your bid.
160 detail photos at the below link.

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